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The "Thank You Page"!!!

My vintage Tv Equipment display at NAB 2002 could not have been possible without the help of the following people and organizations!


David Layer,
Jennifer C. Wroniewicz, CMP,


Stacy Watkins


April Nakamura
"More to add soon"


Dr. John N. Latta, The WAVE Report
Chuck Pharis, Chuck Pharis Video
Jan Lowry, Broadcast Pro-File

Booth Help

A very SPECIAL thank you to:

Jan Lowry, Broadcast Pro-File
(My expert on equipment and Tv and Radio Stations) AND, can still carry a camera or two!!!!!
Sid Shumate, Load in, Load out!!
(Sid, you saved our BACKS!!!)
Jim & Pam Elyea, History For Hire
(The BEST place in the world to rent vintage Tv, Radio, and Broadcast Equipment)!! Call 818-765-7767 for all your vintage movie and Tv rental props!

I could NOT have done the convention without your help!!!!


Of course, I have to thank my lovely wife and kids for putting up with me. This hobby takes up a lot of my time.
Setting up for NAB kept me in the basement for weeks. Cindy, I am now home, I am ready for the "Honey DO List"!!!!!!

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the RCA TK-41C
I hope to get it running soon. If you have any or all of the following parts I need for my camera, please let me know! I will buy, trade, borrow, or beg to get these parts. I really want to restore this camera to working condition!

CCU (Shading Panel)
Focus Voltage Regulator
Focus Current Regulator

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Last modified on Saturday, April 20, 2002