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The three Yokes. One is for the Red channel, one for Green, and one for Blue. The TK-41 camera is really three Black & White cameras in one case. The light is split with mirrors, and a Prism. The color is not really made until the three signals get to a rack mounted piece of equipment called the Colorplexler.
The two units on the right are cooling fans.

Here is part of the Optical system. The Prism is on the right, along with two mirrors. Also you can see the Iris motor in the middle.

Here are two boards from inside the camera. Most of the electronics for the TK-41 are in rack mount units. Very little is in the camera head. The head is very easy to work on. Lots of space!!
Almost everything opens up for easy maint.

The original Tube Pre-Amps in the camera head were replaced with solid state ones by NBC. The newer Pre-Amps are much less noisy! Also no tubes to replace!!!
If you will look very close, you will see the word "Field" in pencil next to NBC. This means this camera was once used in the field for remotes. The remote truck in Hollywood was called N-4.

More to come soon!

More restoration HERE!!!

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