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Here is some of the equipment I got in from Texas!

Lots of neat stuff! Bath Tub Chassis from the 50s. Cradle Head, some TK-41 parts, Proc Amp, TM-25 Field Scope/Monitor.

More Bath Tub Chassis, and 2 RCA Scopes!

These I really needed! RCA Studio Slant Racks! I just got the 4 on the left. I already own the 2 on the right.
YES! The 4 RCA TM-6 monitors came with the racks!!!!

This is a RCA Color Monitor, custom built in a special rack mount unit.
It looks like a TM-10. More on this later. It will end up in my TK-41 display. I will "try" to get it to work. Its in sorry shape,,,,, sigh,,,,,,

Three Dumont 124B Field CCUs.

3 General Electric PE-250 cameras. I got 2 lenses with them.

These are a mess. 2 Dumont B&W Monitors, and one Studio Color Monitor. I hope to salvage the Dumont Monitor in the middle, for my Dumont 124B camera chain.

Stay tuned! More photos to come soon!

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Last modified on Sunday, June 16, 2002