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FLASH!!!! Stop the presses! Stay tuned for photos of my NEW CT-100. YES, I just got another one! Photos to come in a few days!

Look HERE to see my latest RCA CT-100!!!!

Here is my first, beautiful RCA CT-100 Tv set. I plan on restoring it to working condition.

Check out the great Tv restoration links at the bottom of this page!

The set numbers are:
CTR 34 or CTR 3A Can't read it yet?
RVB 274
1103207-? Sub 10
The number stamped in the wood on the cabinet is 121

Here a few photos just to get you interested! More to come soon!

The cabinet is in really good condition.
The white spot on the left is a light reflection. Its NOT on the set!

Here is the rear of the set with the back removed. There are some real problems in here. Someone got into this set, and made many changes. It might not even have the original chassis. I will check it out and post the detailed information here soon.

Clean under the chassis, but I see some changes! More soon!

The BAD news is, the 15GP22 CRT is BAD!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I really need one bad. Keep a lookout for one for me,,,,,,,,,,, good LUCK, ohhhhhhhh

OHHHHHH,,,,, it a
21-CT-55 chassis!!!!!!!!

More bad news,,,,, I have taken most of the set apart, and have found that someone has put a 21-CT-55 chassis in the CT-100 cabinet!!!!! OHHHHH,
I now have a part CT-100 and part 21-CT-55 set. I need a complete CT-100 chassis and working 15GP22 CRT to get this set to work. If you RCA collectors have any spare parts you want to trade or sell, please let me know ASAP! I'll gladly trade a 21-CT-55 chassis for a CT-100 chassis.
I have been told the 21" set is harder to find than the CT-100. I don't care, as I have such a beautiful cabinet, I want to restore this set to its original working condition.

CT-100 Want list!

A complete restorable CT-100 chassis
A 15GP22 CRT and Yoke assembly
The front door assembly that contains the sets control knobs.
The two knobs on the side of the set.

Under construction. More photos coming soon.

Here are some great links to CT-100 restoration and collectors sites!

A great restoration site!

My good friend Steve McVoys vintage Tv site!

Ed Retians great site!

Petes great CT-100 site!

More links to come soon. If you have a Tv restoration web site you would like to have me list here, please email me at chuck@pharis-video.com.

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Last modified on Sunday, December 01, 2002