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Here is a RARE RCA TK-20A Iconoscope film chain camera!

Here is ANOTHER RCA TK-1 Iconoscope camera! This one is more complete. I hope to get it working this Summer!

Here is the slant rack mount TK-20A CCU. Its a mess, but I'll make it work! I also have all the interconnect cables!

I CURSE the person that painted this RCA TK-30A RED???? I have a lot of work to do on this camera!! I also received the field CCU and Power supply for it!

Looks like a complete paint job needed here!

This is the RAREST of the RARE!
A RCA Video Analyzer! Complete and WORKING!

This is how it mounts on a lens.
I'll have more detailed photos and a description on how it works on another "special" page later.

Check out these great Lenses!!!!

I also got a large pile of RCA equipment manuals! Plus some for other equipment

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Last modified on Sunday, May 04, 2003