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Photos of the Month for Nov. 2004

It's time for lunch with Soupy Sales!!!

It's POOKIE!!!!!

I LOVE this shot! It's White Fang with a Varatol Zoomar lens AND the guy with the puppet arm! Anyone know who he is?

FLASH! White Fang is Clyde Alder who started with Soupy at WXYZ in Detroit in 1953.
A "very special thanks" to my good friend Lytle Hoover who worked on the crew of the Soupy Sales show, for all the information. And to all the others who sent emails!

How many times has he done this, and it"s STILL funny! HA!

What a great FACE!

The "Soup" is still with us! He looks GREAT!

Here is my good friend Lytle Hoover with Soupy.

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Last modified on Wednesday, December 29, 2004