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Updated July 10, 2006

Ohhhhh, what have I got myself into this time!!!!!

What a MESS!!!!!

Off comes the old wood panels, and the insulation.

Now that I can see the inside walls, they are in very good condition!

Well, the inside is cleaning up quite well!

Here is a shot inside a working RCA TJ-48 truck. It is full with equipment, and is exactly what my truck will look like inside when I restore it. The shot is looking towards the front of the truck. Of course this truck is not organized. Mine will BE!

Here is a shot towards the rear. I have to completely re-cover the inside with steel sheets, and then build all the tables, cabinets and racks.

Yes, that is the spare tire under the floor. I have to make a hinged cover for it.

Here is a shot looking towards the rear of a working truck. I will use this shot as a reference to restore the inside of my truck. I will make the racks and cabinets myself. Notice the "crude" construction of the inside!

Updated photos below, July 2006

Finally I have found some time to really start the nasty part of the restoration. The siding on the truck is so rusted that I have to remove and replace some of it.

The sheet metal siding was rivited and rusted on.

I had to grind down the heads of hundreds of rivits
that held the steel siding on to a metal frame.

Then I had to drill out each rivit. This took days to do! I went through 8 drill bits, and had very sore hands!

I still have to remove all the lower rocker panels and the rear doors. I have no way to have the front fenders, hood, roof or rear panels re-made. I will have to sand and bondo them.
I will have new steel siding made, and re-rivit them on.

More photos to come very soon!

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Last modified on Tuesday, July 11, 2006